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See high quality photos and videos from worldwide shibari events and BOUND's bi-monthly performance nights featuring top performers.

Improve your tying! Learn the secrets of  the world's most respected sensei by 'stealing knowledge' in the time-honoured fashion by carefully observing their work. Shibari is not just about pretty patterns. You can easily learn the steps but what count is how you do it. It becomes kinbaku when the rope becomes an extension of your hands...and your will, an umbilical that transfers emotion.

BOUND 2nd birthday: Nina & MaYa WATCH FULL VIDEO

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  • Over 220 videos, many of which are exclusive to this site, of top western and Japanese performers including Osada Steve, Kinoko Hajime, Akira Naka and Kazami Rankii.
  • Dozens of tutorials by Esinem, Nina Russ and others.
  • Mobile and tablet-friendly.
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  • Live Shibari.TV sessions.
  • Photo sets of your favourite kinbaku models including Gorgone, Gestalta, Maya, Iroha and Ageha.
  • In-depth articles on all aspects of kinbaku, with many unique insights into technique, engineering and safety.
If you have come to learn, there is a wealth of information that can't be gained elsewhere. It will be the best, and possibly the cheapest, investment in your rope skills you have ever madeTry it! For the price of a couple of beers a month, what have you got to lose, except maybe some bad tying habits?

If you just want to perv, that's fine. We like that sort of thing around here :-) You will find plenty of very hot girls and steamy scenes beautifully shot. There's top quality kinbaku ranging from sensual to sadistic but if you want fucking'n'sucking, you'll have to look elsewhere.

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Nina Russ

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Fred Hatt

Miss Bones

Top Rated Videos
1: Ropefest 2013: Nina Russ & Sacha
2: Kinbaku Magic at The Blitz Factory: Fred Hatt & Miss Bones
3: Free! Choosing rope for shibari and general bondage
4: Live stream, 16 Oct: Nina Russ & MaYa Homerton
5: DarkFrameFilms Shoots Clover & Wykd Dave
6: Free! Tying people, not parcels': Single column tie
7: BOUND November 2014: Fred Hatt & Miss Bones (FREE)
8: Free! Tying people, not parcels: Basic two column tie
9: Ren Yagami: Single column tie
10: LFAJRB 2011: Esinem & Ika Noire
Top Rated Photo Sets
1: Nina & Gorgone by Ciprian Strugariu
2: Bound: October 2013
3: Esinem & Rosy Pendlebaby, February 2015
4: Apres BOUND session: Kirigami and Bliss
5: LFAJRB 2013: Sunday
Top Viewed Videos
1: Hair ties
2: BOUND May 2015: Nina Russ & Sophia
3: BOUND November 2014: Pedro & Maya Homerton (FREE)
4: BOUND February 2014: Gorgone & Fuoco
5: BOUND July 2016: Jonathan & Oryx
6: BOUND May, 2016: Ayumi LaNoire
7: BOUND July 2016: Dark Shibari & Kitty
9: Free! Tying people, not parcels': Single column tie
10: BOUND November 2014: Fred Hatt & Miss Bones (FREE)
Top Viewed Photo Sets
1: LFAJRB 2012
2: LFAJRB 2013: Sunday
3: LFAJRB 2013: Saturday
4: LFAJRB 2013: Friday
5: Gestalta: BOUND PR shoot
6: BOUND March 2015: Nawasabi & Verena Venusian
7: LFAJRB 2011: Esinem & Ika Noire
8: LFAJRB 2012 by Manolo Remmidi
9: Ropefest 2012: Esinem & Nina, show II
10: Apres BOUND session: Kirigami and Bliss

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