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Is that some chi on your chin? 26 Nov 2013
Flow, movement and shibari
Shibari etiquette 26 Nov 2013
Good manners in Japanese bondage
Shibari is a dance 26 Nov 2013
I have drawn constant parallels between dance and shibari. Here is something from ShigonawaBingo, translated by Rida.
The theory of 3-point rope contact 26 Nov 2013
The use of '3-point rope contact' enhances the sensation and control that you impart in shibari, extending the language of rope as a tool of communication.
Takate-kote double wrist ties 26 Nov 2013
Here we explore shibar master Marai Masato's wrist tie from his Japanese bondage tutoriial 'How to Bind'
Dropped model: A lesson learned 26 Nov 2013
Friction is a double-edged sword. A lesson in how unfamiliar kit can catch you out.
Interviews with the great bakushi 20 Nov 2013
Some great resources with fascinating interviews with some of the grand-masters of shibari.
Muga-mushin: Let The Force be with you! 20 Nov 2013
Muga-mushin one of the components that makes Japanese bondage more than 'just shibari' and into kinbaku. Is it the 'Force' that the rope Jedi must study?
My subjective definition of Kinbaku by Nawa-kun 20 Nov 2013
Trying to pin down Kinbaku is something westerners will never cease to do. Are we chasing rainbows?
Nina's panties: The video 20 Nov 2013
A tutorial video of Nina Russ' rope panties style shibari hip harness for dynamic Japanese bondage suspension
A step by step guide to tying knots 20 Nov 2013
A very clear step by step photographic guide to tying knots, many of which are useful for bondage.
Myth 1: Carabiners are fragile by Geir Hundal 20 Nov 2013
Are carabiners (karabiners) so fragile that they can be weakened by dropping them and they should not be used for suspension bondage after?
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