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More on the Eikichi legacy 14 Apr 2015
A translation of a meeting between Hiromi Saotome, Kazumi Osada, Steve Osada & Miki Mori with reminiscences about the inventor of entertainment SM, Mr Eikichi Osada, passed away on the 12th of September 2001 at the age of 76. There's also key information about Steve's right as successor to the Osada name.
Single column tie: Which direction? 30 Mar 2015
It can matter in which direction you build single column ties. For example, find out why you should build wraps downwards for a hip harness.
For rope bottoms 25 Feb 2015
Some resources for those on the other side of the rope
Shibari: A kit of parts 3 Feb 2015
Shibari is largely a kit of tried and tested components that you put together like a construction kit using certain rules.
Learning by example 27 Jan 2015
The traditional way of learning disciplines such as kinbaku in Japan has been a long apprenticeship of simply observing the master at work, the video resources here provide you this opportunity.
Kinoko Kagerou: Step by step tutorial 18 Jan 2015
A gote comprising a torso wrap and a chest wrap with hojo style arm wraps and arms laced low.
Hog-ties: The dangers 18 Jan 2015
This article includes links to some very comprehensive studies of the risks of hog ties in police/institutional restraint situations.
Revised Kinoko hip-harness 17 Jan 2015
An updated version of the classic hip-harness providing greater stability
Tying melons, not fried eggs 29 Nov 2014
Tying larger breasts
Osada Steve Photo Shoot 2011 April - Newaza 19 Sep 2014
Shin Kou Sabre describes a kinbaku shoot with Osada Steve.
The Lyrical Rope 19 Sep 2014
Shin Kou Sabre's answer to my question: "What's so special about being tied by Yukimura?"
Rope lengths: Less is more 30 Aug 2014
Why longer ropes are less efficient

Nina Russ

Maya Homerton




Miss Bones

Fred Hatt

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7: BOUND November 2014: Fred Hatt & Miss Bones (FREE)
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9: BOUND May, 2016: Kalahari & Kitty
10: Suspension ties, Part II: Basic on the bight method for the thigh
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10: Free! Tying people, not parcels': Single column tie
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