The Lyrical Rope by Shin Kou Sabre

Posted on Fri, 19 September 2014


I was asked in what way is Yukimura Haruki special?

I cannot explain in technical terms as I am not a rope artist. What I can do is try to explain as a model.

When I refer to myself as a model that is because I cannot describe myself any other way, as I have no master. Those who tie me do it with the understanding that I am there in a professional capacity, but also I pour my heart and soul into my modeling work as a painter uses a brush. This is why I refer to myself that way.

Yukimura Haruki's work holds the admiration among many people as the Shihan of Kinbaku, from the novice who is curious about rope tying, to the masters who have devoted their life to understanding what Kinbaku means to them.

When I attended the location for the photo shoot I was given a copy of Watanabe Yasuji's photo book Akai Hana. Once I saw the images from the pages it was not the usual style of Japanese Kinbaku.

The emotions I felt when I saw the pages, were different to the emotions I feel when looking at other rope artists work in photography, and that emotion is reflected in the way that Yukimura Haruki ties.

When Yukimura san starts to tie it is like that of a story, and it is the journey that he takes you on that assaults your senses. Every experience is different, as one session follows the next, there may be high and lows, but one constant remains it is the way he ties that has once been referred to as 'lyrical'.

What does it all mean? For me it means from the moment I stand waiting for the first rope I am starting the journey, and that journey is guided by Yukimura san. His skill is special because he tries to read me, and although I try to conceal my most inner most feelings and desires he slowly draws out those emotions by the use of the rope. Even if I resist, Yukimura knows how to break down my resolve, to force me to feel shame, to make my flesh weep.

I cannot explain how, for there is no easy answer except that Yukimura Haruki has devoted his life to make the rope and the model, sing.