Teaching structure and aide memoires

Posted on Tue, 26 November 2013


I was reminded how it feels to be presented with new techniques on the Kazami Ranki course and how hard it is to remember ties, even with my knowledge and experience. I can imagine how daunting it is for a complete beginner who doesn't have my years of rope handing experience or tuition from some of Japan's top riggers. I have frequently seen students show me what they have been practising some while after a class only to find it is all wrong. I am becoming more and more convinced that a lot of support is needed. Follow up classes seem essential, especially with more complex ties that have little margin for error, e.g. t-k.

Students also need some form of aide mémoire, ideally video but illustrated text would do. I was delighted to hear that Lotuslily will be using my tutorial DVDs as the basis for the curriculum of the Toronto group's fundamental rope skills classes. She described them as being "out of all the material I've reviewed, yours is the most accurate and well-represented". Students will be encouraged to buy the DVDs for revision. If any groups or clubs would like to also adopt a similar practice, I will offer trade discounts for purchases of 5 or more sets.