Suspension and obstructions

Posted on Sat, 14 September 2013

 I friend of mine recently split her forehead open during a suspension session and now has a 3" scar. She was doing a show in the cage at Torture Garden (pictured below) but the rigger was a little too enthusiatic about swinging/spinning her and she crashed her head into to bars of the bondage cage(concrete reinforcement mesh).


Be aware how much room you have to play and be spatially aware. Many frames are very small, especially one like the Tetruss, or have protrusions, e.g. winch handles, which present a hazard. Remember it is hard to protect yourself when you are tied up, so it's the rigger's job to a) avoid impacts b) provide a guarding hand, esp for head/face. You need to be particularly careful if you start swinging or spinning your model, not only because of the danger of impact but also because it can affect weight distribution and can cause the whole frame to tip in some cases. Tipping is a particular risk with gallows style bondage frames, which are only designed to support a vertical load and not one which is swung away from the vertical axis. They have a very small footprint and little room between the suspension point and the vertical support.