Nina's panties: The video

Posted on Wed, 20 November 2013


Nina is very keen to show everyone her panties. Before you get all steamed up, we are talking about her version of the hip harness or whatever you might call this type of tie, not her lingerie. No doubt, there is an exotic sounding Japanese name but 'nawa pantsu', coined by Osada Steve as far as I know, is a close as I can get. Anyway, since we mostly speak English here, 'rope panties' will suffice. I think you'll be impressed as everyone who has experimented with them has agreed it is a design not to be sniffed at...I can't think why that expression sprung to mind.

OK, so what's so good about them? Well, the most desirable quality is that they stay in place which is not a quality I usually look for in a girl's panties. If you build a hip harness, you want it to stay in place and look as good after a dynamic suspension session as before. As we all know, this rarely seems the case with existing versions as the frictions are often prone to slipping if the action gets too wild. Nina's unique frictions really do their job and, when properly tied, barely move a centimetre or two. This massively flexible harness can be used in any orientation, including inversion, plus it offers a plethora of potential suspension points. You can even suspend from both sides like a child's swing. I honestly think it is the best harness I have seen and represents a major step forward in technology. It is structurally sound, to my eye has a Japanese aesthetic and efficiently designed. It is a perfect example of using the theory of shibari to be creative.

However, Nina is being far too modest about her achievement. We would be very interested to hear your feedback. A big thank you goes to Barbara, our immensely patient model, who put up with us shooting this at around 3am in the morning in spite of having to get up for a flight to catch later on. No rest for the wicked, eh? If you like the backing music by Chemicalbonds, you can find him on Soundcloud.