A Deafening Violence, by Nusrat Howard-Moore featuring Esinem

Posted on Tue, 26 November 2013

This is the music video submitted by filmmaker Nusrat Howard-Moore to the South Yorkshire Film Network’s music video competition 2Weeks 2Make It, where filmmakers are paired up by ballot with rising star bands.

A Deafening Violence from Nusrat Howard-Moore on Vimeo. Ms Howard-Moore was paired with Sheffield band Tiananmen which describes themselves as a fusion of rock, metal and hardcore. She found being with Tiananmen interesting and amusing, since the only heavy metal song she knew up to this point was The Prodigy’s mainstream hit Fire Starter. Indeed by the end of the two weeks during which the concept was conceived, the music video produced, directed and edited by this filmmaker with the help of two teams of crews lead by DOPs Jamie Korn in Sheffield and Sam Care in London, Nusrat Howard-Moore is now a fan of fusion music such as this. Bondage fans will notice the integration of shibari Japanese ropework by London expert Esinem of www.esinem.com Regardless of the results of the 2Weeks 2Make It competition, Ms Howard-Moore is happy enough with her music video to share it with the rest of the world.