Customer feedback

Posted on Tue, 26 November 2013


I recently came across a post on Fetlife entitled 'Buyer Beware' and noticed my name in the slug, so opened the thread with some trepidation thinking I might have an unhappy customer. What I found was far from that! It turned out to be somebody asking for feedback about my eBay shop who had had his fingers burnt buying rope off the net before. I must be doing something right since the comments were almost embarrassingly effusive. I say almost as it won't prevent me from quoting a few of the posts.

As WkyD_Dave said: "I would say that all this unadulterated praise would embarrass Esinem, but somehow I don't think that it will. ;-)" Damn! That man knows me too well!

  • "Esinem's reputation here on FetLife is pretty much above reproach. My purchase of his DVD went quite smoothly, and I've never heard a negative word about his rope." -EM-
  • "I know Esinem personally and everything he does is top notch in quality. You won't be disappointed with his jute..." Tatu
  • "Esinem is brilliant, great quality and speed of delivery from someone that uses it himself." Hebari
  • "I have some of Esinem's linen rope and I love it, a little heavier than jute but I like it just like that . You have nothing to worry about Esinem as a supplier ........" 123Avalon

I was prompted to mention this due to an email I got today:

"I have more orders coming from you, but wanted to thank you so much for this beautiful rope. It has been so hard to find such good quality rope for a reasonable price, until a friend gave me the link to your site. This is the only one I have received yet, I cannot (wait) to receive my Asanawa. Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful rope! I plan on buying lots and lots more in the future as well as for gifts for other rope friends!" Ragirl77

Of course, all this won't make me rest on my laurels and I welcome any input on how I can improve my range and service. After the speed with which some braided UV rope sold, which I had left from a reel I bought in Tokyo from the shop Kinoko gets his, I am looking at broadening the range. Expect more colours and types soon.