For rope bottoms

Posted on Wed, 25 February 2015

Part 1: Finding a Rope Partner

Learn how to find someone to tie you up here and visit for more free tips about getting tied up. This is part 1 of the series "How to Get Tied Up," by author and educator Evie Vane. More free instructional videos coming soon about getting tied up (aka rope bottoming), to help you stay safe and get the most from your rope play. Find Evie Vane on Facebook and FetLife too!

Maybe you've just read or seen 50 Shades of Grey, or maybe you've always been curious about rope bondage. And you've been thinking, "But how do I find someone to tie me up?" This video, part 1 of a series, shows you how to do just that.

And maybe you're thinking, "Well who exactly is this chick Evie Vane?" The answer is, I'm just a regular person, not a circus aerialist or anything, who loves to get tied up! I've been doing rope suspensions and other kind of rope bondage play for about 3 years, including in performances; I've been a regular guest on's The Upper Floor since 2011; and I co-founded a meetup for rope suspension bottoms in San Francisco. Plus, I'm the author of The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up (Including Suspensions), which you kind find at and



Part 2: Evaluating a Rope Partner



Part 3: Preparing to Be Tied