Hog-ties: The dangers

Posted on Sun, 18 January 2015

Positional asphyxia is a situation where breathing difficulties occur from positions which creat stresses on the muscles used to breat effectively. Without intervention, the victim's muscles can become so exhausted that breathing ceases and thus they die. There have been cases of this occuring in police and institutional restraint situations. This is, of course, why we should never leave anyone unattended in bondage. It appears that many factors can exacerbate and accelerate the problem: exhaustion, drugs, alcohol, heart conditions, obesity, hard surfaces etc.

This link gives an enormous amount of information and also highlights some of the inadequacies of the existing research which seems to suggest that the position is safer than it actually is in real-life restraint situations. The studies did not look at recreational bondage but very applicable whether you use rope or any other type of restraint.