Osada Steve Photo Shoot 2011 April - Newazaby Shin Kou Sabre

Posted on Fri, 19 September 2014

Osada Steve 2011 April (Tokyo Japan)


Shin Kou Sabre was photographed with kinbaku by Osada Steve.

Osada Steve is a kinbakushi whose work has been published in magazines such as Wired, Vogue, SM Sniper and many other magazines. Steve started training under Yukimura Haruki to study newaza techniques.

An Evening with Osada Steve Newaza Session My first kinbaku experience with Osada Steve was a newaza session. I was given the opportunity to look at his book “Aiko”. I was particularly drawn to the photos of Steve and Aiko together which showed intimacy and a connection.


OSADA STEVE PHOTO SHOOT copyright Samael Sabre


This is what I wanted for my photos. I was looking for passion, intimacy and the interplay between humiliation, shame and pleasure. I was surprised by the intensity of the energy exchanged. The flow of energy and the connection was fluctuating from one moment to the next.


OSADA STEVE PHOTO SHOOT copyright Samael Sabre


Once the rope was secure and I had that inevitable knowledge of my impossibilty to escape, the fight or flight response was initiated flooding my body with heightened awareness. The slightest breath on my shoulder, the softness of my hair as it was moved out of the way, the overwhelming feeling of shame and humiliation as my breast was exposed and I was presented to the audience, the soft yet abraisive feeling of the rope as it was pulled across my body. All of these sensations existed because of my vulnerability and it is this that was exploited.


OSADA STEVE PHOTO SHOOT copyright Samael Sabre


I embraced these aspects of the experience and I found that my time with Steve was a very positive one. Steve was very committed to his role and at the same time considerate to my needs and desires. I am truly grateful that he gave me the opportunity to work with him and it changed my perception of kinbaku forever.

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