Newaza: 'At the mercy of a stormy ocean' by Rida

Posted on Tue, 26 November 2013


Written by Rida after a newaza session with me at Kinoko's 'Sleeping Beauty' happening bar during the Toubaku week. I take her words as a great compliment as they echo my feelings about the session and express very eloquently what effect kinbaku can have when one uses the rope and doesn't just tie mechanically. It is very gratifying when one can achieve this. The real skill is being able to do it every time with every person and, of course, the depth of that experience. When I watch masters like Yukimura at work, I am always reminded how many rungs of that ladder I have left to scale. All one can do is keep learning and hope to improve ones 'hit rate'.

The club's music was a fast-paced techno pop mix, a striking contrast with the slow-paced beginning of a waist and chest harness. I felt like a small vessel gently lulled on a dark deep ocean under a sky building up with tension and thunder. In contrast with the wind-whirl of the fast-paced music, the rope felt calming and reassuring, the ocean a solid embrace. Although the rope was carefully and slowly placed, the intensity reverberated from the very first wrap, a controlled force that would from time to time break free and suddenly shake me. As if overwhelmed by a suddenly roaring ocean, the only way through was to abandon myself to its fury; pushed and pulled and submerged and overthrown by it. Chest harness in place (ushiro takakote), he slipped a rope around my neck and pulling on my hair, drew me up in a kneeling position and then wrapped the rope around my hair. The ocean had picked up and the waves where now matching the fury of the storm in the sky, one with the fast paced rhythm of the techno music in the background. From there, the neck rope got quickly moved around to wrap across my mouth and another rope got run through my crotch, rubbing and pinching on the sensitive and delicate bits. Stimuli coming from all different places, my brain started to short out with pleasure, discomfort, fear and hope, all mixed together until total abandon was all that was left. In a state of daze, my hair got pulled back again and rope wrapped over my nose, my eyes and all over my head, triggering the last remaining flight or fight response. However, all resistance and strength gone, I was just a barely unbroken vessel toyed and played with by the stormy ocean. As if on cue with the changing music (a somewhat softer rhythm), he started to untie me still with energetic, strong and vigorous pulls on the rope, the calming ocean still playing with his toy vessel to the end. I was left in a heap on the floor, rope strung over me, barely conscious, barely aware of my surrounding. The storm gone, the ocean had laid me on a beach, back to the safety of land.