Feedback on my new Tossa Lite Asanawa

Posted on Tue, 26 November 2013


Nina and I are still in love the new Asanawa Lite. It looks every bit as good as it did at first sight and the feedback we are getting is endorsing this.

"I recently spent the evening at our weekly Schwelle 7 Bondage jam using my new set of your "FeatherLite" Tossa. I must admit I was most impressed. For their first suspension I was amazed at the way these ropes held frictions and stayed on the body with virtually no movement or stretching. I think a contributing factor was my very thorough preparation of these ropes with Bee's wax, oil, singeing, stretching and re-oiling, but all the same these are very, very good ropes and I'll be using them as my main suspension and performance set from now on!" Das Falke

"Yes, I can only recommend them. They have a little more bite than my both sets of fragile japanese jute and are a little tighter wound and stiffer which makes them more robust, and their little "imperfections" (some darker fibers in the yarns) add to their beauty. Also treated mine with 2 x dishwasher (to get rid of the turpentine), thorough stretching, singeing, bee's wax and oil. My japanese ones normally hold out a year at best without rewinding and refitting broken yarns. Judging from the first few suspensions I did with the Featherlites, they will probably last much longer..." Amalion

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