Naming the parts a gote

Posted on Tue, 11 March 2014


Otonawa-san and Tsubasa-san provided a list of the Japanese names for parts of a gote and other ties for which NuitDeTokyo have the kanji. 

本結び honmusubi:  Basic fundamental knot
の止め、の留め nodome A stop in the shape of Japanese letter "no", nodome
輪留め wadome:  A stop in the form of a circle, wadome, also has the meaning if a linchpin used to lock a wheel (wa) in place.
罰点とめ battendome: A stop in the form of X on the upper wraps ( the mark on a school exam paper indicating false answer, litt. A punishment point, the opposite is a circle, maru, 丸、we would need a native speaker to tell us if wadome could be written also 丸留め, although I can find only the "marudome" reading ).
箱留め hakodome: A box stop on the lower wraps
縄頭 nawagashira:Working end/bight . I hear many people reading nawagashira. I am not sure about nawabashira (the reading for head is kashira, k gives g normally).
縄尻 nawajir:i Knotted end
雲雀 hebari: skylark / 鰐口 waniguchi crocodile mouth / 蛇口 jaguchi literally snakehead, but is the normal way of calling a faucet in Japan.