TheAngryNawashi on "The Way of Rope"

Posted on Tue, 26 November 2013


If you haven't heard of TheAngryNawashi yet, you should do. He is a man of considerable wisdom unconstrained by the advice of "if you haven't anything nice to say, say nothing". Whether one agrees or not, it is refreshing to see somebody not being afraid to speak their mind. Unrestrained praise does not improve our tying, whereas constructive criticism does. Our masked super-hero provides a much needed reality check for us all, me included. Here's a sample of his writings. You can find more on his site or on TheAngryNawashi Fan Club on Fetlife. The latter is a very informative forum but not a place for those who easily take offence or cannot take criticism so don't blame me if it ends in tears.

"TheAngryNawashi wishes not to name "real" idols and "false" idols. TheAngryNawashi opines: The naming of false idols is a most inefficient and messy solution to these matters. However, sometimes TheAngryNawashi must choose the muddy road and risk dirtying her sandals in order to teach more effectively. This is why TheAngryNawashi picks on that fat monkey and that other fool who made stupid books. In the case of the fat monkey, the attention and prestige he received as a result from appearance in C-grade film was most undeserved. TheAngryNawashi picks on Mr. Monkey in an effort to show others that the veil of "status" held Monkey-san Peanutpants (and indeed many "top" Nawashi) is nothing but an illusion. TheAngryNawashi wishes to teach all people that they should question, analyse, and evaluate every last millimeter of every last tie.

There is a weakness in Eastern culture, we are taught from young to never question our teachers. TheAngryNawashi cautions : Before one can begin questioning these things - one must know which questions to ask. In order to know which questions to ask one must have a huge wealth of knowledge and deeper metaphysical understanding of the Shibari. One must have both mastered the katas as well as meditated on the relavant matters of the heart. One must have both a deep physical understanding on how the Shibari works as well as a deep emotional and spiritual connection to this Shibari. Such knowledge and intuition does not come without hard work and suffering.

There is a weakness in Western culture, you are taught to question everything and so you ask questions without first deeply and carefully considering the merit of these questions. You do not think before asking. Remember, the answers you receive can only ever be as good as the questions you ask. TheAngryNawashi smiles : It would appear that at this time TheAngryNawashi have contradicted themselves. TheAngryNawashi teaches : The Way of the Rope is not a road walked from beginning to end in linear time. Instead, it is path in one infinite loop of understanding. One begins and ends in the same place and along the way, one learns a little bit more about the path each time.

TheAngryNawashi wishes to talk about the laws, principles, and spirituality that govern all aspects of beautiful and harmonious Shibari. In short,wherever possible, let us discuss and penetrate Shibari instead of talking about "false idols". TheAngryNawashi reassure you that we will call the idiots out wherever necessary (or sometimes just because TheAngryNawashi has vicious diarrhea from that restaurant near East Exit of Ikebukuro Station and needs to take out the frustration on some poor stooge). Observe. Replicate. Observe. Alter. Observe. Repeat. Observe. Discover. Observe. Create. TheAngryNawashi is always watching over you."