Tr@sh: Photography and the art of kotoba-seme (the art of aural sex)

Posted on Tue, 26 November 2013


I am always a sucker for pictures of beautiful tattooed Japanese girls in rope, so this guy's work caught my eye. Tr@sh, with typical Japanese modesty, hasn't given me much information about his work, but he has kindly allowed me to publish a series of kinbaku photos taken at "Elfen Lied", an SM bar in Japan. In his profile, he styles himself as an amateur but his photos look very professional to me and he appears to have a business called Tr@shvoxx Photography. After further enquiry, he described himself as a "photographer and novelist" with a taste for sadism and mental training.

I understand he has used his creative skills to become something of a virtuoso at 'kotoba-seme', which is the art of 'guided fantasy', where words alone are used to drive a woman to ecstasy. So, if meet a man called Tr@sh in Kobe and he makes an offer of 'oral sex' (or should that be 'aural sex'?) you could be in for an unexpected treat!

If you happen to be in Kobe, "Elfen Lied" is in Sannomiya, which if I recall is served by a JR station of the same name. This is the address:

Kobe〒651-0039 Kobe-shi, Japan中央区二宮町2-6-15 第二豊田ビル地下1F Bar "Elfen Lied"内.

Apparently, the nawashi responsible for the very clean crisp rope work in the photos is to be found there and is simply known as Joe, it looks as if he also runs classes there. I can't fin a link to the bar but Tr@ash has a site with a lot more great galleries. If you are on the shibari trail in Kobe, be sure to check out Idea, located at 2-17-8 Nakayamate-dori chuou-ku Kobe, in the heart of Kobe, adjacent to the Kobe Mosque. The mama-san there is Midori, a good friend of both Kazuyu and I and occasional visitor to Torture Garden, London. I have not been to her new bar but she used to run Doma, I can vouch for having spent several very pleasant evenings there. I can only imagine the new place is a step up, it certainly sounds a lot bigger.