Revised Kinoko hip-harness

Posted on Sat, 17 January 2015

I was recently pointed to this very clear step by step photographic guide to an upgraded version of  the hip harness Kinoko had been using and teaching.  I understand that he has stopped recommending the standard version for suspension. It appears this new version addresses the problem of the leg frictions not being very stable. Nina's and Gorgone's hip-harnesses were also designed to address this issue. I think all three present very nice solutions.

I'm only guessing but I believe this was probably shot at his workshop in Barcelona in 2014.  I have yet to try it myself but I'd trust Kinoko's engineering. My observation on the Kinoko version, as shown, is that I suspect it wasn't tied by him. I could be wrong but it doesn't look like his style of tying. In my experience of his teaching on waist ropes, in his older hip harness, he tends to tie with more slack so it forms quite a pronounced V-shape. The reason being is that it follows the lines of the body, rather than tending to compress the stomach as can happen with too much tension. As Nina pointed out, this would also have the benefit of reducing the length of the stems that get wrapped. This means less wraps>greater speed/efficiency.

Here's an example of the old version in use during his Cyber Show.