Gestalta: BOUND PR shoot

MODELS: Esinem, Gestalta

Here’s the first of the promised BOUND PR shoot series. This session is Gestalta and I photographed by Nina. Here, I have used a further development of my new gote where the top wrap of the upper binding is used to lock them in position and create additional stability, whilst the legs bound together pose was inspired by a video of Yukimura. We wanted to aim for something a little edgy and Gestalta is the right person to work with for this since we have done many sessions, she knows her body and we make a great team.

I have opened this set publicly to answer questions posed about the security of this tie, especially the slipped upper wrap, on Fetlife in this thread

Don't be distracted by the slipped part, as that is doing nothing. The lower part of the wraps is doing the work, i.e. underneath where the load is, not on top. You'll see them correctly placed, not moving and taking the load nicely. There's no danger of her slipping out, as it might appear, since the gote is connected to the leg bindings. The main load is shared between the hip rope and the line from the gote. In fact, I suspect it would remain secure even without the gote since the functionality is not unlike a method Kazami Ranki uses for a hip/thigh suspension.

You're welcome to check that she survived unscathed :-)