BOUND November 2014: Pedro & Maya Homerton (DSLR)

This is the edit of thevideo from my DSLR rig. A much higher quality version than the webcam one posted earlier with full close-ups.

Pedro from Portugal is something of a hidden gem. This is the guy that some years back who Osada Steve told me was one of the very few in the west would could tie a proper TK. He is doesn't seek the limelight but we did persuade him to perform at the Festival 3 years ago. This is his first UK performance since.

When I saw him and Maya practicing in my living room before BOUND, I knew it woukd be an awesome. As they don't live far apart they have had teh opportunity to work together and it certainly showed. This was real kinbaku!

Model: Pedro, Maya Homerton

Posted: Tue, 11 November 2014