Nina Russ & Gestalta at Miscelania Art Club

 Miscelānia Art Club was conceived in the summer of 2013 by a group of artists who wanted to show their art without censorship

They had no pretension of selling their work, the idea was to provide a democratic artistic experience where there is freedom for the artist to exhibit their chosen work and stimulate public reaction free from limitations.

The first event was then held in Paris with the contribution of about 18 artists from Brazil, France, Austria, Turkey, and the USA.

It was an evening of music, theatre, photography, cinema, video art, instalations, food and drink, and a lot of fun.

Following this success, the second and third editions were held in Paris and in Porto Alegre – Brazil. Miscelānia Club has now had the contribution of over 90 artists from all over the globe.

This fourth edition, to be held in London, promises to be the biggest yet. It is also special because it will make a positive social impact; the party will raise funds for the Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre.

Model: Nina Russ, Gestalta

Posted: Fri, 25 September 2015