BOUND February 2017: Andrea_Ropes_& Kitty Rea

Andrea Ropes is an italian rigger based in Modena with over a decade of experience in japanese rope bondage (aka shibari or kinbaku). Since early 2015 he became professional and he is often traveling around Italy and Europe performing and teaching workshop.

He discovered shibari after he stumbled across a photo of it, and found himself instantly captivated.  He began to pursue it as a form of art, initially teaching himself the techniques, and later attending lessons with teachers such as Kanna Nawashi, Haruki Yukimura, Hajime Kinoko, Bob Ropemarks, Otonawa, Bingo Shigonawa, etc.  He is very active in the international rope scene as a freelance performer and educator.

Kitty Rea: I am mostly a speaker. I talk to people, I help them out, I welcome them in the kink community or the poly community. I organize events because I am good at using my words to make things happen. And I have many words… I have the best words. I have made the blog you find here to share my many, many words with people who might be interested in them.

I am also a visual advocate. Of confidence, of sexuality, of freedom. I believe in the joy of being open to the world and letting it embrace you as you are. I wish for all to find the strenght to be themselves and I try to lend a hand on that journey. I am an explorer of life always looking for my next adventure, wherever I may find it and whichever shape it might take.

Posted: Mon, 20 February 2017