Ren Yagami & Gorgone at Chez Esinem April 2015

An impromptu show by these two stars shot in my living room last week. As this was unplanned, the shooting is a bit raw: Ambient light, no fancy back-drops or shooting, in fact I was stymied by full cards and flat batteries. Luckily, Mo saved the day by firing up his 550D so we have almost complete footage. It was a very tough session. Although, Gorgone said "Oh, he was being nice today".

24 years of aikido have taught him how to use the body to lock itself and the rope just to keep it there. It has also lead to a skill of delivering maximum impact with minimum effort. You'll see a few very neat tricks including some Pavlovian programming.

Model: Ren Yagami, Gorgone

Posted: Tue, 14 April 2015