Vlada & Falco

Vlada & Falco

I'm Vlada. It's a real name. I'm bondager girl (female rigger) from Russia (Moscow)

I've get interested in bondage more then 5 years ago. I prefer torturous but laconic bounds of a human body. At most cases various suspensions.

From all bondage diversity I use only ropes on the edge of the human ability. Only recently I find a person (Falco = [https://fetlife.com/users/1109345]) with such high edges what let us make a breathtaking sessions.

I and Falco are practicing extreme bondage more then 1,5 years. On rare occasions I may want bound someone else. Both of us have a similar approach on the bondage: action on borders of human capabilities - both sensual and extreme. Very few could fit these games physically or psychologically.

Bondage for me is a junction of traditional arts: fine Art, sculpt, theater, pantomime, music and dance - some waltz or maybe tango(depending on the mood).

We've performed on broad kinds of events from small bdsm parties to big festivals. These include "Ropefest" at St. Petersburg, major Moscow BDSM scene events: "Dead Moroz Show", "BDSM Castle", "BDSM Fishing" etc. Also we've organising own open airs "Shabash".

My learning approach - deliberately don't attend no one. Instead copying of someone else I am creating and developing my own style.

We both love to perform, to draw the audience feedback. And we love to present products we made: bondage pictures and video clips.