Tokyo Bakuonbu featuring Arisue Go - Kinbaku, Music & Performance

Published on 4 Jun 2014

Rope (Kinbaku) Artist Go Arisue and musician Jyoji Sawada.

The collaboration event that two artists have continued "Tokyo Bakuonbu (Tokyo Kinbaku, Music and Performance)". This time, they who have played a collaboration with various artists, weave a new beautiful world. In collaboration with a musician Sam Bennett who are active over a wide range, with an expressive dancer Natsumi Hana and a lovely performer Maki Tazawa.

Kinbaku : Go Arisue
Music : Jyoji Sawada (8-stringbass & piano), Samm Bennett (percussion)
Performance : Natsumi Hana, Maki Tazawa
Produce & Direction : Kichino-kobo
Video : Hiroshi Moriya (Atelier Travelingtree)Model: Arisue Go

Posted: Sun, 14 September 2014